Ahrensburg Castle (Schloss Ahrensburg) in Holstein.         34 km from Hamburg

Henrich Carl von Schimmelmann purchased the property in 1759. (The year that Carl Hans Paul Kluge (aka Charles French) was born at Ahrensburg.
von Schimmelman made substantial improvements and used it as his Summer Palace, while Minister of Finance for Denmark.

Castle Moat
Castle view
Castle front view
Dining table
Catle interior
Grand piano
Grand Piano (2)

For more information about Carl von Schimmelmann see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Carl_von_Schimmelmann
Heinrich Carl von Schimmelman c.1762
bust of Heinrich
bronze bust of Heinrich Carl
Caroline von Schimmelmann c. 1762
Photos by Neville Thomas September 2018.