EDMONDS lines possibly leading to our ancestor Jonanthan c.1720:

Lawrence EDMONDS c.1577, lived in Shrivenham
William EDMONDS 1588-1651 Shrivenham

William EDMOND 1604 Shrivenham
George EDMONDS 1621 Shrivenham
Edward EDMONDS ?
William EDMONDS c.1630 Uffington-Kingston Lisle
John EDMONDS 1656-1725 Shrivenham
Edward EDMONDS 1660 Salisbury ?
Lawrence EDMONDS c.1656 Uffington-Kingston Lisle
John EDMONDS 1695 Shrivenham-Highworth
Lawrence EDMONDS 1678 Castle-Eaton
William EDMONDS 1688 Uffington-1748 Hannington
Jonathan EDMONDS 1723 Highworth
Jonathan EDMONDS 1713 Cricklade St.Sampson
Jonathan EDMONDS 1726 Hannington, died 1730?
It was possibly one of these Jonathans that married Sarah KNIGHT at Lydiard Tregoze in 1755
They had 4 children there.  Jonathan died in 1778 and is buried in the Lydiard Tregoze churchyard

Jonathan's eldest son: John EDMONDS line:

Jonathan's second son: Jacob EDMONDS line:



John EDMONDS of Lydiard Tregoze

Rodbourne Cheyney Church
buried Rodbourne Cheyney St. Mary's

1778 married Elizabeth DAFTER at Rodbourne Cheyney.

6 children


Jacob EDMONDS of Lydiard Tregoze
Lydiard Tregoze Church
photo by Debra

buried Lydiard Tregoze (MI

1778 married Elizabeth LAW at Lydiard Tregoze (died 1784)

1785 married Elizabeth TIDD at Lydiard Tregoze.



Aaron EDMONDS of Rodbourne Cheyney,
Holy Rood Church
buried Swindon Holy Rood churchyard

1814 married Mary HENLEY at Swindon Christ Church

2 children


Jacob EDMONDS of Lydiard Tregoze, parish clerk for 62 years,

Jacob 1787
buried Lydiard Tregoze (MI)

1811 married Charlotte Beasant at Lydiard Tregoze

5 children



William EDMONDS born Wootton Bassett photo of William Edmonds
died at Lydiard Tregoze

In 1837 married Ann FARMER at Lydiard Tregoze,

9 children


George Beasant EDMONDS of Lydiard Tregoze

Wootton Bassett Church
buried Wootton Bassett

1832 married Sarah TITCOMBE (and Jane DRURY