The FOX family of Hampshire & India

Gen.1.    The earliest identified FOX in our family is Henry (the elder) of Hampshire

1st Bengal European Regiment
1792 Henry joined the First Bengal European Regiment age 19, and embarked for India on the "Contractor"
1793 in the Muster Roll as an Artillery Matross.
1797 he baptised a son Henry at Cawnpore
1802 promoted to Gunner, 1803 to Corporal.
1803 the Regiment entered Maratha territory and were enaged in the Battle of Delhi(e) defeating the French & Marathas
Subsequent battles included Deig 1804 and Bhurtpore 1805
1806 not on establishment, presumed dead.

Gen. 2.    Henry (the younger) born 1797 at Cawnpore

Appears to be orphaned at age 9, may have been "attached" to his late father's Regiment as a bugler or drummer.

1829-46  Henry was Drum Major of the 60th Native Infantry Regt., but from 1836 a Pensioner.

Drum Major
Henry Fox' movements in Bengal Chunar Fort
Drum Major's uniform Henry FOX movements in Bengal.
Chunar Fort

He and Elizabeth McDonald baptised 7 children:

1829 Bareilly

Barrackpore 1842, age 13
1831 Bareilly

Cawnpore 1832, age 9 m.
1833 Cawnpore
Andrew DARCY Chunar 1849, 3 chn.
also married John FRANKS 1858.
(Andrew was Artillery Gunner)
Chunar 1858, age 24
1836 Chunar

L/Corporal Lahore Light Horse
Dum Dum 1861, age 25
Benjamin Alex.
1840 Chunar
Evelina Susan MILLS Sialkote 1862
Asst. Commissioner & Pleadeer
Amritsar 1902, age 61
William Henry
1843 Chunar
Ann WALSHAM 1868
Artillery gunner F/C Royal Horse Artillery
Benares 1868
George Francis
1846 Chunar
Margaret Y BETTS Ferozepore 1870
Apothecary, Surgeon Captain
Dehra Dun 1927, age 81
1842 Henry was transferred to Town Major's List as Sergt Major. (effectively supernumerary).
1847 Henry was discharged by purchase, but died at Chunar on 31 August, age 50.
1849 Elizabeth married (2) William Castle  (a son Robert 1850),
1857 Sepoy Mutiny (Chunar Rebellion), Elizabeth and 3 FOX sons age 11-17  plus son Robert Castle age 7
1860 Elizabeth married (3) Francis REID, he died 1865.

Gen. 3.   Benjamin Alexander FOX 1840 Chunar

1847 Benjamin's father died when he was 6 years old.
1852 Step-father William died when Ben was 11
1857 Sepoy Mutiny (Chunar Rebellion), Ben is age 17
1862 clerk in Deputy  Commissioners Office at Sialkote,  married Evelina Susan MILLS.
1864 Head clerk
baptised marriage occupation died
Cecilia Elizabeth
1863 Sialkote
1868 Sialkote, age 4
John Henry Ben.
1865 Sialkote
Rosa Johanna HENNING, 1894 Amritsar "Gentleman" of Hissar
Evelina Henrietta F
1867 Sialkote
1867 Sialkote, age 9 m.
Louisa Priscilla
1968 Sialkote
Wilton B P CORNABE 1908 Simla
(Wilton was Ordnance clerk)
1941 Lahore, age 72
Archibald Douglas
1869 Sialkote
Elsie Heath PINTO 1901 Buldana
Clerk in Military Accounts
c. 1950
Benjamin Alfred
1870 Sialkote

1870 Extra Assistant Commissioner
1871 wife Evelina died at Jhelum.
1874 Extra Asst. Magistrate at Jhelum
1877-83 lived at Sialkote, Shahpore, Gurgaon
1884-95 Assistant Commisioner at Amritsar, Jhang, Hissar.
1902 Ben died at Amritsar.
    (Gen.4-8:  22 identified descendants, some living in New Zealand)

Gen.3.   William Henry FOX 1843 Chunar

1847  His father died when Will was just 3 years old.
1852 Step-father William died
1857 Sepoy Mutiny (Chunar Rebellion), Will is age 14
WH became Artillery gunner F/C R.H.A.
1865 Step-father Francis died
1868 son William Henry Alexander is baptised by mother Ann (father is deceased).
    (Gen.4-7. WH Alexander married Hannah FOX (no relative) at Hatfield ENG in 1893, 4 children, 4 grandchildren, 2 Gt,grandchildren) some living in England.

GEN. 3.   George Francis FOX 1846 Chunar

1847 His father died in when he was 1 year old.
1857 Sepoy Mutiny (Chunar Rebellion), George is age 11
1865  Step-father Francis died
1870 married widow Margaret (nee YEOMAN) BETTS.  George is Asst. Apothecary
1872-1877 George & Margaret baptised 3 children George Corbett, Florence Ann, Sydney John Vere
1888 In Sub M/Ch No 4 Fd Hospl Mandalay & Bhurma, 1st Grade Apothecary: Burmah Medal & Clasp
1898 Rank is Surgeon Captain
1905 Retired as Hony. Capt. & Senior Asst. Surgeon ISMD, received WO pension to 1914.
1927 George & Margaret both died, George at Dehra Dun
    (Gen.4-8:  3 children, 5 grandchildren, 6 Gt.Grandchildren, some living in England.

Compiled 2014  by Neville Thomas, Auckland NZ