Thomas JOHNSON & Elizabeth BECK

Rosemary's Great Great grandparents

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Thomas JOHNSON was born about 1795 at Tullamore Ireland, and  travelled to India on the "Lady Castlereagh" in 1815
In the East India Company Muster Roll of 1816 he is  described as an Artillery Matross (rank below gunner), age 21.
In 1823 he married * Elizabeth BECK age 14  "of the Lower Orphan School".
"The girls of the Lower Orphan School were the Cinderellas of the establishment..., were contracted in marriage by the headmaster or headmistress""

Elizabeth BECK was born * at Chunar in 1809, the daughter of Conrad von der BECK & Anna Marie SAGER, married at Arbon, Switzerland in 1806.
Conrad von der BECK was born at Iserlohn Prussia in 1762, son of Johann Conrad von der BECKE, a merchant, and Catharina Elisabeth LURMANN married 1753.
The von der BECKE family go back to Johann Heinrich von der BECKE 1665-1740 (from the Netherlands?)
Conrad was a Sub-conductor (Warrant Officer) Ordnance, when he died at Fort William in 1819 *.  Daughter Elizabeth was 10 years old.
Anna Marie SAGER was the eldest  daughter of Joseph Anton SAGER & Maria Catharine BAUR, born at Arbon, Thurgau, Switzerland in 1784.
The SAGER family moved to Holtwick in Prussia before 1798 when Maria died.
After Conrad's death Ann (sic) SAGER remarried in 1821 to John DELORE *
Ann died in London in 1859 *

Thomas & Elizabeth had 3 children, all born at Fort William, Dum Dum, Calcutta.
    1. Isabella Anne 23 Oct 1824 *, 
          at age 14 married Isabella Ann JOHNSONWilliam WATERSWilliam WATERS at Dum Dum in 1839 **  9 children, Isabella died 1888.  *.
    2. Thomas Francis Beck 28 Jan 1827.  Thomas Francis' father and 2 step-fathers died before he was 15. He died age 38 and is buried at Agra.
    3. Olivia 1 Oct 1830 *, married (1)  Peter McNair at Dum Dum in 1846 *; (2) Duncan Revie at Dum Dum in 1854, 3 children, Olivia died at Calcutta in 1914 *.
Elizabeth had 3 children by age 21.

Thomas JOHNSON Sgt. Maj., died at Dum Dum in 1831 *  The children were age 7, 4, 1.

Elizabeth remarried in 1833 to Edwin PEARSALL ** a widower, Clock-maker, Sergt. Model Dept., HEIC Gunner,  he died in May 1835
William Pearsall a son William PEARSALL was born at Fort William, Dum Dum 15 Nov 1833.
Assistant Apothecary,  9th Lancers (The Queen's Royal).
Awarded Mutiny Medal,  Defense of Lucknow.
married (as Edwin) to Louisa Hamilton at Simla in 1859.
became Medical Attendant to His Highness the Maharajah of Sirmoor, KCSI.
died at Nahan Bengal Nov 1883

In 1839 Elizabeth was witness to the marriage of her daughter Isabella Anne to William WATERS at St.Stephens, Dum Dum.
Elizabeth remarried in 1840 to John WATTS ** a Staff Sgt. in the Artillery Regimental Band, and they lived at "Diglah" which was Elizabeth's
    William WATERS was present.
    John died at Fort William in 1841, his will * left  everything to Elizabeth.  William WATERS was an Executor.
The eventual fate of Elizabeth (WATTS) is not known.

Elizabeth BECK has 200 identified descendants, mostly through her daughter Isabella Anne & William WATERS.
Compiled  March 2016 by Neville Thomas