Joseph WATTERS/WATERS                 Time Line

1775     Joseph born (age 38 at Army discharge in Aug. 1814 which gives his birth place as Churchill, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.
(Baptism & parents not found)

1793  Oct     Joseph joined the British Army  (copy of Army discharge papers)
1794       13th Light Dragoons stationed at Sligo in Ireland
1797       Pte. Joseph WATERS 13th Light Dragoons Regiment based at Black River, in Jamaica " to deal with an insurrection of Maroons"
1798       Cpl. Joseph Waters serving with Captain Patt Doherty's Troop
                Joseph served 2 years 204 days in Jamaica (copy of Army discharge papers)
                           Only 52 men, mainly NCOs, sailed back to England of which most were found to be unfit for service and invalided to Chatham.
1799     13th Light Dragoons were on the march between Edinburgh, York, Grantham, Doncaster and then back to York, apparently recruiting at the same time, but during May  travelled south to Romford in Essex, though still recruiting.

1801 16 Feb.  Joseph (WATTERS) married Elizabeth HUTCHINSON at St.Iberius Church in Wexford Ireland (copy of register)

1803-04  Napoleonic War broke out, by the end of 1804 the 13th Dragoons numbered 1,064 men, stationed in Kent to protect England from a threatened invasion.

1807    Aug.    Joseph and Elizabeth baptised Catherine (Catherine emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1852, where she  married twice, died in 1889
1809    Aug.    Joseph and Elizabeth baptised Charlotta as WATTERS at St.Iberius, Wexford (copy of Register, Joseph in 44th Regt. of Foot) ?
1810    Jan.     Joseph and Elizabeth baptised son William  as WATTERS, at St.Iberius, Wexford (copy of Register)

1810    Mar.    The 13th Light Dragoons embarked to the (Iberian) Peninsula Napoleonic War (Regimental History) where almost certainly they joined with the elements of the                     British Army already there under the command of General Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington.
1812    Apr.  Joseph was “transferred to the regiment in the Peninsula”.
1813    June   Joseph in The 13th Light Dragoons engaged at Battle of Vittoria (Military Campaigns)
1814         the 13th were back at Radipole in England

Vittoria campaign list
13th Dragoons plundering Napolean's stuffMedal for Vattle of Vittroria
The 13th Light Dragoons rifling Joseph Bonaparte's belongings at Battle of Vittoria. Peninsula War Medal

1814    Aug.   Joseph discharged from 13th Light Dragoons at Radipole in Dorset
                        served 19 years and 313 days, "having been worn out in the Service (copy of Army  discharge)
Chelsea Pensioner Register 1814
Chelsea Pensioner Register 1814

1815     Joseph and Elizabeth baptised Mary Ann, who married in 1837 to Villiers SMYTH, emigrated to Boston USA, where she died age 94 in 1910.

1816    Dec.    Joseph and Elizabeth's son Edward born
            Edward farmed at "Penzance" Killurin (Townland of Cornwall).  1886 memorial in St. Magdalen's Cemetery.

1822    Joseph and Elizabeth's son Joseph born (Joseph emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1857, where he married Mary ROSSITER, & died in 1907. (MI)
1831   son William joined the East India Company Army and sailed to India

1833    Joseph and Elizabeth tenants of 3 acres at Drinagh (Tithe Survey)
1853    Joseph and Elizabeth tenants of 6+ acres (Griffiths Valuation)

1860   Jan.   Elizabeth died at Wexford (memorial in St. Magdalen's Cemetery)
1868   Dec.   Joseph sen. died at Wexford age 92 (memorial in St. Magdalen's Cemetery)

The Waters' cottage at North Drinagh
Morth Drinagh location
The Waters' cottage was alongside the railway line from Wexford to Rosslare on the edge of Wexford Bay, giving it a panoramic view of the bay.

All that remains today is a clump of trees and shrubs, with a bit of a wall barely visible in the centre. 

Drinagh cottage remains

William's brother Edward (boatman & farmer) erected a memorial in St. Magdalen's Cemetery which reads:
.  (Elizabeth's burial is recorded at St. Iberius 17th January 1860, aged 80.)

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