Rosemary's  immigrant ancestors.
Rosemary's grandparents were all born in India, descending from these immigrants:
       Six had joined the Honourable East India Company (HEIC) Army, but their ancestral origins were diverse:

from England

from Germany & Ireland

5XG-GF George BEAVER b.1720 at Exeter, Devon, England.
son of Edward & Anne
Married Rachel 1741, 7 children incl. *Jane Rachel
Captain HEIC Army,
Embarked 1753 as Captain age 33 on "Ilchester"
George & Rachel died at Madras in 1760.
Richard DESBROSSES  b. 1740 England
(The DESBROSSES were a French family)
Lieutenant in Bengal Artillery
son Richard born c.1770 Bengal India
granddaughter Frances  1796 md. Patrick REID.
Richard died at Chunar, Bengal  1778.

4XG-GF Charles Streysham COLLINSON b.1753 London, England. 
Grandson of Peter COLLINSON, FRS.
Entered British Civil Service 1769.
Resident and Silk Contractor.
Daughter Maria* b. Jun 1777 at Rampur Bauleah India.
1795 inherited family estate at Sproughton.
Returned to England on "Pitt" 1798, abandoning Maria.
Married London 1803, 11 children.
Charles died at Ipswich in 1831
Henry STAMPER b. 1775 at Bolton England.
Cadetship in HEIC Army 1795
Embarked c.1796 to Bengal, Lieutenant 1797.
Daughter *Charlotte b. 1801 at Calcutta
Henry died at Jaggannath Bengal in 1805.

from Germany

Ahrensburg Castle, Holstein

John SYKES b.c.1750 place unknown
Married Jane Rachel BEAVER* 1773 at Fort St.George Madras
One surviving son Joseph Thomas b.1774
Granddaughter Jane Anne SYKES  b.1795 Fort St.George
John died at Madras 1782.
Moses GUEST bn.c.1750, Netherlands? (guess)
Married Charlotte VANDERWAART 1776 at Chingleput Madras
Granddaughter Jane Anne SYKES 1795, married C.A.FRENCH in 1812.
Moses died at Pulicat Madras in 1777
Peter MILLS, bn. 1762 parents unknown, probably orphan
Drummer at Fort William
Married Charlotte COX (age 12) in 1791 at Calcutta
Drum Major at Orphan House
6/7 children at Calcutta incl. John 1796 who married (2) Charlotte STAMPER* in 1817
Peter died at Calcutta in 1818, buried South Park Cemetery, left will.
Samuel BLACKBURN b.1760 London.
Emigrated to India 1788 on "Griton"
Indigo manufacturer
Married *Maria COLLINSON 1797 at Calcutta, 8 children in Bengal.
Samuel died at Calcutta in 1819
George WILTSHIRE b.1763/70 Wiltshire England.
mariner & book keeper
Married Sarah LOCKE of Wiltshire in 1790 at Calcutta, Daughter *Sarah Austin 1804 & 4 sons.
George died at Bengal 1809, Sarah 1825
Thomas Benjamin ROSS b. 1782 Surrey England.
mariner, seaman, Captain ship 'Resource'
Married Mary ?
3 children incl. Janet Gentle at Fort William 1809.
Thomas died at Calcutta 1832
Henry FOX, b.1772/3 in Hampshire,
Enlisted in HEIC Army & embarked 1792 on "Contractor" age 19 to Bengal.
Private in 1st Bengal European Regt.
Corporal in Cavalry 1803.
1 known son Henry 1797.
Henry died before 1806
Carl Hans Paul KLUGE
b.1759 at Ahrensburg Castle,  Holstein
s/o Johann & Johanna KLUGE  from Dresden.
Enlisted in HEIC Artillery as
Charles FRENCH
Embarked on "Earl Talbot" 1785 to Madras, 
Married 1789 to widow Elizabeth JACKSON
8 children in Madras
Served at Battle of Seringapatam 1799
Charles died Fort St.George Madras 1819


Conrad von der BECK
b. 1762 Iserlohn Prussia
Married Anna Marie Helena SAGER 1806 at Arbon Thurgau Switzerland.
Daughter Elizabeth* born Chunar bengal 1809.
Conrad died at Fort William 1819

from Goa, Portugese colony in India.

b.1756 Goa.
Merchant,  4 children at Calcutta from c.1790 including Carolinus 1802.
Carolinus married Sarah Austin WILTSHIRE*
Carolinus & Sarah had 8 children
John died at Calcutta 1823
Buried RC Cathedral, Moorghyhutta Street.

from  unknown place
Patrick REID   b
.c.1782 (estimate)
Accountant at Gun Carriage Agency
1807 married (1) Anne BARCLAY  at Calcutta, died 1812
children Patrick Barclay 1808, John Henry REID 1810
1813 married (2) Frances DESBROSSES (1796-1840) at Calcutta
daughters Cecilia 1820, Evelina 1822, Cordelia 1823, Olivia 1831
Patrick died 1832 at Futtehghur
William DREW bn. 1822 in Sussex England
Married Caroline JOINER in 1841 at Coates Sussex
Daughter Harriet b. 1841 Coates Sussex
Agricultural labourer.
Gunner in Royal Artillery, Dum Dum & Ferozepore
William died 1848 at Loodiana Bengal

from Ireland
b. c.1793 Tullamore Ireland.
Enlisted HEIC Army 1814, embarked on "Lady Castlereagh".
Married *Elizabeth BECK 1823 at Fort William, Dum Dum, Calcutta.
3 children at Dum Dum incl. Isabella*
Thomas died at Dum Dum 1831


William WATERS b. 1810 at Drinagh, Wexford Ireland.
Enlisted in HEIC Army 1831.
Embarked to India on "Thomas Grenville" 1831
Corporal & Sergeant in Bengal Aerillery
Married *Isabella Anne JOHNSON 1839 at Calcutta, 8 children in Bengal & 1 daughter in Australia.
Sergeant Overserr at Haupper Government stud (Artillery horses)
Became Tea Planter  at Hope Town (Kurseong)
William died at Darjeeling 1861.

William WATERS

Isabella Johnson/WATERS

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