William STAPLEY 1662-1697, my 7XG-GF,   head of "Stapley Clan F"

William was baptised 28 Sep 1662 at Ticehurst by William STAPLEY
1662 baptism

1662 is just 2 years after the restoration of Charles 2nd to the Monarchy and the hanging of captured regicides, Some STAPLEYs were involved with both sides of the civil war, Many records were lost or destroyed during that war.

In 1665 there was an outbreak of Bubonic Plague [The Great Plague killed an estimated 100,000 people, 20% of London's population] followed in September 1666 by the Great Fire of London which destroyed much of the centre of London.

William 1662's father William is as yet untraced, but this table lists the known candidates    Likely locations within 6 miles of Ticehurst are Horsmonden  & Bodiam

t able of William's posiible fathers
William had a sister: Mary baptised at Ticehurst 26 july 1659, so it seems unlikely that Anne Blowers was William 1662's mother.

I think it more likely that the father was William of Horsmonden (4th cousin twice removed of the regicide) orphaned at age 11,

or William of Bodiam orphaned at age 15.  Both of them would have struggled in the 1660s.

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