Neville's STAPLEY & HAYLER ancestors of Sussex

of the parishes & villages of Ticehurst, Battle, Udimore, & Sedlescombe.

There are a number of different "clans" of STAPLEYs in Sussex going back to the 1400s, in Twineham, Framfield, Rotherfield, etc. details here. but where my William 1662 came from is uncertain.  My theory is that his antecedants were: John 1506 of Framfield, Edmund 1544, Cornelius 1584, Christopher 1611, William 1638 of Horsmonden  (this line is proven by wills).
William STAPLY 1662-1697  was baptised at
Ticehurst by his father William STAPLY.  Subsequent family events were at Battle from 1686, Udimore from 1722, & Sedlescombe from 1749.

St.Margaret Horsmonden
St.Margaret's Church Horsmonden where Chrisopher STAPLEY b,1611 is buried in 1640, after only  son William was baptised in 1638.
St.Mary  Ticehurst
St.Mary Ticehurst, where William STAPLEY was baptised in 1662.
St.Mary Battle
St.Mary the Virgin, Battle, where William 1662 married Elizabeth SMITH in 1686, and was buried 1697.
Udimore Church where George STAPLEY was baptised in 1696,  where his 7 children were baptised, and where George was buried in 1740.

Other birthplaces include Ewhurst, Westfield, Brightling, Mayfield, Bexhill, & Hastings including Hollington & Ore.    I have traced over  1200 descendants

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The STAPLEY line
The HAYLER line

28 Sep 1662


William STAPLY baptised at Ticehurst, s/o. William STAPLY, married in 1686 to Elizabeth SMITH (baptised 29 Aug 1666 at Battle by John SMITH and Elizabeth nee WILKENSON.
Six children baptised  as STAPLEY at Battle including 2 sets of twins, seventh child was George 1696. William was buried at Battle on 16 June 1697, only 35 years old.

His 1300 descendants are classified as STAPLEY "clan F".

There are 3 possible William STAPLEY who could be his father



George STAPLEY of Battle, married Elizabeth LACEY in 1721 at Peasmarsh,   7 children baptised at Udimore including Thomas Leroy 1722.

George buried at Udimore on 27 May 1740.

c. 1700

Edward HAYLER origin unknown, married Ann SEWELL at Henfield SSX in 1727
Richard RICHARDSON 1705-1776 married Mary FOSTER at Salehurst in 1736, daughter Anne baptised at Sedlescombe 1737.



Thomas Leroy STAPLEY of Udimore, married Mary MITCHELL in 1746 at Battle . 6 children all baptised at Sedlescombe including William 1751, John 1753 & Henry 1759. Thomas buried at Sedlescombe on 12 February 1797.

William's daughter Mary had a son James who fouinded the "Brightling sub-clan".

It was Henry's son Charles STAPLEY (born 1800) that led his family to Australia in 1838, then to Utah USA in 1854, where many became prominent in the LDS Church.


Edward HAYLER 1731 of Sedlescombe, married Ann Richardson in 1760 at Sedlescombe . 8 children at Sedlescombe. Edward died and buried Sedlescombe 1787.

Son Henry 1775 married Elizabeth STAPLEY 1776 (gd. of Thomas) in 1796 at Sedlescombe.



John STAPLEY of Sedlescombe, married Ann MILLAM in 1773 at Ewhurst . 10 children over the next 21 years. buried at Sedlescombe on 31 January 1832

Daughter Lydia married Stephen SWADLING. Several descendants in Australia



Edward HAYLER tanner of Sedlescombe,

married Hannah TAYLOR in 1796 at Hollington , 10 children. Edward died and buried Sedlescombe 1844.



Charles STAPLEY labourer & thatcher of Battle, married Rebeckah BONES in 1812 at Hollington. 16 children over the next 22 years . At the 1841 census they were living at Castleman's cottages in Sedlescombe, and in 1851 were at Baulkham cottages. . Charles died at 6 St. Michael's Terrace, Hastings on 7 September 1875

Charles' son Alfred has a descendant John STAPLEY living in New Zealand



Edward HAYLER agricultural labourer and tanner of Sedlescombe,

married Lucy LANGRIDGE in 1819 at Battle. Fifteen children including Sabina. 1851 census- Edward (52), Lucy, and 4 children @ Brickwall. Died & buried Sedlescombe 1864.



Thomas STAPLEY luggage porter of Sedlescombe, married (1) Sabina HAYLER in 1849 at Battle--> children: Elizabeth 1849, Sabina 1851, Thos. Edwin 1853 .

After Sabina died in 1854 he married Charlotte BEAL in 1855 .
Thomas & Charlotte had 7 children: Charlotte M, William T, Esther, Frederick W, Martha E, Charles George,  & Mary Ann.
Thomas died 1871 at Meadows Row, All Saints, Hastings and buried at Sedlescombe.

Thomas'  brother  Spencer STAPLEY b. 1823 married in 1851 to Elizabeth FLORENCE and had 8 children.



Sabina HAYLER of Battle

<--married Thomas STAPLEY 1849 at Battle

Sabina died Sedlescombe 1854 after giving birth to 3 children.



Eldest child: Elizabeth Ann STAPLEY, born at Baulkham cottages.

married William John NECKLEN in 1868 at Hollington.
Four children born in Hastings before migrating to New Zealand in 1875. 
Eleven children born in New Zealand,
Elizabeth died at Timaru NZ in 1915.

Baulkham cottages

In the English 1901 census there were 70+ living descendants of "clan F" from Sussex, aged 6 to 81, including 4 living at Sedlescombe.

In the 1911 UK census there was one STAPLEY (Fanny, 52) and one HAYLER (Thomas, 65) living in Sedlescombe

In 2005, there were a several living male STAPLEYs of this "clan F" living in the UK, including one in Sedlescombe; plus one in New Zealand.
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