WANDSBEK (Holstein) and the KLUGE family

Wandsbek Castle      
Wandsbek Castle, purchased in 1762 by Heinrich SCHIMMELMAN, and is where August KLUGE was a tenant.
When Heinrich SCHIMMELMAN died in 1782 it was inherited by son Christian Karl.
Demolished in 1861

Until 1864 Wandsbek was a part of the Duchy of Holstein and under the rule of the King of Denmark

1795 22 June  August Christian Wolfgang KLUGE (born at Ahrensburg) married Christina Magdalena KARCK at Wandsbek (Family-Seemann-Ancestry)
1799-1802  three children born at Wandsbek:
    Johanna Dorothea, Augusta Magdalena, Georg Karl   (Family-Seemann-Ancestry)
    Nothing more is known about them

1803 Census  August (tenant of the manor) & children Auguste & Georg are inhabitants of Wandsbek

After being freed from Napoleonic rule by advancing Cossacks and other following allied troops Hamburg was once more occupied by Marshal Davout's French XIII Corps on 28 May 1813.  When French armies withdrew west after the lost Battle of Leipzig at the end of the year, and the Allies deployed a large portion of Bernadotte's Army of the North to watch the city during the 1814 campaign for France. Davout was still in control of Hamburg when the War of the Sixth Coalition ended in April, and eventually capitulated to Russian forces under General Bennigsen on 27 May 1814, obeying orders delivered by General Gérard from King Louis XVIII.

1813    22 Sep. fourth child Johannes Heinrich born at Wandsbek  (1900 census)

c.1820 August' family moved to Klein Wesenberg.

Further research required:

c. 1821    Ludwig ROHR (son of Nicolaus ROHR & Charlotta (KLUGE) married Josephine ECKERT at Wandsbek ?
c. 1830    Johann Karl GROTH married Johanna Dorothea MENCK (daughter of Johanna Sophia KLUGE) at Wandsbek ?

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