The possible ancestry of William STAPLEY 1662-1697  My 7XG grandfather

Early STAPLEYs are believed to be:     William & John STAPLEIGH c.1390,       William STOLPULL c.1420

The many STAPLEYs have been grouped into "clans" for genealogical research  This chart shows 3 lines leading to a William of the mid 17th century.
Rotherfield "clan B" .........................................................................

Hickstead-Twineham "Clan T" .....................................................................................................
Hickstead-Twineham "clan T"
John STAPLE c.1450 of Rotherfield
named in 1478 & 1508 land transactions.
sons John, Nicholas, William.
Left bequest to Church in 1532.
Richard "the elder" c.1445-1505
married Katherine HEIGH c.1575
sons Richard "the younger" & William
Will PRO 29 Holgrave proved 1505 mentions lands in Rotherfield & Ditchling.

Framfield branch of "clan T" Twineham branch of "clan T"
Nicholas c.1480 Rotherfield
Rotherfield Church Warden
sons John & Robert
William STAPLEIGH c.1480
married Alice KNIGHT c.1506
Overseer of father Richard's will 1505
sons John & Robert
Richard 1476-1546
"Richard the Younger"
married Elinore STROUD-HEIGH
John c.1510 Rotherfield "the Elder"
Rotherfield Church Warden
married Eleanor ?
sons John, Thomas, Nicholas, Willyam, Rychard.
1558 Vicar of Dallington, Buried 1568.
1568 Will ESRO W/A5. f469, no family mentioned
John 1506 - 1576 Framfield or Buxted
married Joan THATCHER c.1534 at Warbleton.
sons Anthonie 1537, John 1541, Edmund 1544
grandfather of regicide Anthony b.1590
Joan's will ESRO XA 26/13 B15 proved 1596
John 1504-14 Oct 1568
married Elizabeth APSLEY
They had about 10 children at Twineham

Rotherfield Parish Register commences in 1539.

Framfield Parish Register commences 1538.
Anthony 1537's son Anthony 1590 was Cromwell's Colonel in Command at Chichester in 1642, & Member of Parliament that signed Charles 1st death warrant in 1648.
Twineham Parish Register survive from 1716, though Bishops Transcripts commence 1606
Nicholas baptised 20 Apr 1542 Rotherfield
married Ann WESTON
Yeoman of Littlington, Church Warden 1587
sons  Richard, Alexander, Robert, William,  John
Buried 1609 at Selmeston
1605 Will ESRO A12.327 proved 1609
Edmund 1544 - 1603 Framfield
Uncle of Anthony the regicide
married Anne DAWSONNE in 1578 at Buxted
lived at Palehouse Farm (see map)
bequeathed 1 shilling in mother's 1596 will !
sons Arthur, Edmund, Cornelius, Adam, Joseph
1603 Will ESRO XA26/13 proved 1604
William 1533-3 Apr 1602
of Twineham Manor
married (1) Joan COLEPEPPER in 1558 (6 children), Joan died in 1593.
& (2) Bridget  in 1597.
Alexander c.1580 Rotherfield
married Anne of Selmeston in 1608
Church Warden 1609
1609 inherited lease from father
only son John 1610
Died 1615 Selmeston
1613 Will ESRO W/A15.55 proved 1615
Cornelius b.c.1581.... d. after 1639
baptised 1599*
cousin of regicide Anthony b.1590
Inherited Perrymans in Buxted in father's 1603 will.
married Mary KNIDGWOOD at Framfield in 1631.
Cornelius had a son Christopher pre-1631  as evidenced by the 1636 will of  his mother-in-law Elizabeth KNIDGWOOD nee LUCKE.
sons Edmund & John baptised 1637 at Little Horsted
Cornelius named in brother Edmund's 1639 will
John 1560-7 Dec 1606
of Twineham Manor
married Elizabeth STAPLEY of Framfield in 1584, 2 children

John 1587-31 Jan 1638
of Twineham Manor
married Mary BOYS at Edburton  in Oct 1612.
13 children all at Twineham
John baptised 1610 at Selemeston
orphan at age 5
married Mary DAY in 1634 at Wilmington
sons William, Robert, John, Thomas all baptised at Bodiam.
John buried 1652 at Bodiam (no known will)
widow Mary died 1662
Christopher  born c.1611 Framfield/Buxted, illegitimate?
In 1636 Christopher was specifically excluded from any benefit from his maternal grandmother Elizabeth LUCKE's will. (It appears that Christopher is not the son of
Elizabeth's daughter Mary Knidgwood.
son William baptised 30 Sep 1638 at Horsmonden Kent
Christopher died  11 May 1640 at Horsmonden Kent
Christopher's wife Joan died 1641 Horsmonden Kent
William 1638 was an orphan at age 3
Great disruption occurred during the 1640s through to 1661. During that period many parish registers and records were lost.
Anthony 7 May 1620-20 Sep 1667
of Hickstead
"Mr. Justice STAPLEY of Cowfold"
married (1) Rose PELLAT in Nov 1641, 2 children, & (3) & Jane/Jenny STONESTREET, 6 children.
Willproven 29 Nov 1667, mentions sons John, Anthony, Thomas, Richard, Henry.  Son William  (who may have married Ann BLOWER) had pre-deceased him

The line above is proven by wills.  STAPLEY Wills click to view.
The connection below is proposed

William baptised 5 Nov 1637 at Bodiam
Possible but unlikely father of William 1662
A possible son  of William 1638 is William  1662
Removal Order 1662/3 William & wife from Ticehurst to Goudhurst, just 4 miles from Hormonden and 9 miles from Ticehurst.
William c.1645-1663
It is often asserted that William STAPLY's father was William who married Ann BLOWER in London in 1661 but died at Twineham in 1663.
I think this is unlikely.
I suggest it is more like that William’s father was William STAPLEY baptised at Horsmonden in 1638 by Christopher & Joane.
Christopher was the 1611 son of Cornelius STAPLEY 1584-1639 of Framfield, but Cornelius was “disowned” by his paternal grandparents John & Joane.

The evidence suggests William 1662 was the son of William of   Horsmonden.
    Perryman's FarmHorsmonden-Goudhurst-Ticehurst

William STAPLY baptised 28 Sep 1662 at Ticehurst, son of William    (copy of Parish Record)     My 7XG grandfather
Married Elizabeth SMITH 24 June 1686 at Battle.  (SFHG marriage index)
Six children were baptised at Battle 1687-1691 but 3 infants are buried at St.Mary the Virgin. (Sussex burial Transcription)
However 2 sons survived: Thomas 1691, and  George  baptised at Udimore in May 1696.
William died at Battle 10 June 1697 (Sussex burial Transcription) leaving 2 orphaned sons.
George married Elizabeth LACEY of Brede, at Peasmarsh ion 27 July 1721 (SFHG marriage index), and they had 7 children at Udimore. Most seem to have died as infants.
Only the eldest Thomas Leroy STAPLEY baptised 7 Oct 1722 is known to have descendants (over 1200 including me).
Thomas Leroy's grandson Charles born Rolvenden Kent in 1800, travelled to Australia, then USA providing 60+ descendants born in the USA, many being members of the LDS Church.

1642-52- English Civil War between the Royalist Cavaliers and Cromwell's Parliamentarian Roundheads.
Anthony STAPLEY 1590-1655 was Member of Parliament, Colonel at Chichester, regicide.
1649- King Charles I executed.   1653-60- Oliver Cromwell is Lord Protector.
1657 Anthony's son John (1628-1701) renounced the political views of his Roundhead father, plot to secure return of Charles2  "Parliamentary History of Lewes". Created Baronet in 1660.
1660 Anthony's son Anthony (1629-1671) Member of Parliament for Lewes, in list of traitors, but survived.
1660- Charles 2nd was restored to the Monarchy; regicides were captured and hanged.  

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