Anthonie STAPLEY, 1620-1667 of Hickstead at Twineham

Anthonie STAPLEY's lineage was:

Richard STAPLEY c.1445-1505 & Katherine HEIGH

Richard STAPLEY c.1476-1546 & Elinore HEIGH / STROWDE (first STAPLEY at HICKSTEAD)
John STAPLEY c.1504-1568 & Elizabeth APSLEY
William STAPLEY c.1533-1602 & Joan CULPEPPER
John STAPLEY 1560-1606 & Elizabeth STAPLEY (of Framfield) 1602- inherited Twineham manor (VHofE.Ssx) including Hickstead Place which became the mansion house (in lieu of Tickridge "Castle")
John STAPLEY 1587-1638 & Mary BOYS (Captain of a "Train Band")
Anthonie STAPLEY, 1620-1667 (Mr. Justice STAPLEY of Cowfold)

Anthonie 1620 was the sixth STAPLEY generation to live at Hickstead Manor . "The STAPLEYs of Hickstead were typical of the unassuming hardworking farming families" (Fletcher p.177). Although the seventh child of John & Mary, baptised at Twineham 7 May 1620, Anthonie was the eldest male surviving his father's death in 1638, inheriting "Twineham" at the age of 18.

On 16 Nov 1641 at age 21 he married Rose daughter of John PELLAT of Bolney, at St. Martin in the Field Westminster. Rose brought to her marriage with Anthony the manor of Sandore Sutton in Seaford (sold by Anthony in 1648) and one third of the manor of Truly in Edburton (sold by Anthony in 1655). Two sons were born, William & John, but their precise birth dates are unknown, as it appears they were baptised later in 1648.

1642-45- "Anthony ... kept up a regular marketing relationship with a London butcher John Fleer , contracting to supply oxen ... Cattle farming was his life ..." (Fletcher Sussex 1600-1660 p.17) re neutrality "Many a lesser gentleman like Anthony Stapley of Hickstead was content to pay the taxes asked of him and escape public burden" (Fletcher p.285).

1644- "In the south of the forest-land of Worth, Anthony STAPLEY of Hickstead cut no less than 249 oaks ..." (VHE,Ssx.ii.299).

It appears that Anthonie, although a "Royalist", kept clear of any direct involvement in the Civil War.

Two daughters were born c. 1650-52 baptised 1661 & 1663, though I am not certain that Rose was their mother. Both of these daughters inherited a Moiety of Perrylands and moiety of Slipefield, Slip meade and the little Meade from 1667. Ann married William BURT in 1679; Elizabeth married Samuel JONES in 1671.

About 1649 or 1653 Anthonie married Jane STONESTREET at Twineham, and she bore four sons: Anthony 1654, Thomas 1656, Richard 1657& Henry 1659.

In 1657 Anthonie's eldest sons John and William went to Horsham to school and to board with his brother (in-law).  "I am to give him 10 per annum each for their board and 40shillings each for their schooling".  The writer (Rev. Turner) states that the name of the brother in law is blotted and not legible but it appears to be Miriam.  He also says that these two sons are not mentioned in the pedigree of the Stapleys, nor is this brother in law (Miriam) if that is his name. I think it wasWilliam MERLOTT husband of eldest sister Mary.

As the title deeds of Twineham Manor and Hickstead Place survive from his time it is possible to see which properties made up the 440 acres Twineham estate. (PRO A2A).

As John received a mere 20 shillings from his father's will, and William is not mentioned, it appears that they were "disenfranchised". I speculate that they were not favoured by Anthonie's second wife and that she ensured her own sons inherited the estates.

Son Anthony 1654-1732 inherited Twieham in 1667 , but his mother Jane and brother Richard continued living there until her death in 1699, then bachelor Richard alone until 1713 when Anthony "removed" himself and family from Cuckfield to Hickstead to reside with his brother whose health was failing. It was this Richard who compiled a comprehensive diary now in the "Sussex Archeological Collection"

Hickstead Place/Twineham remained in the STAPLEY family another three generations until the holder was Martha 1745-1812 who married James WOOD in 1766. By this marriage James WOOD became Lord of Hickstead and Twineham, and by the death of their eldest son s.p. the estate and manor passed to nephew John WOOD (the possessor in 1848). (VHE.Ssx.vii.189)

Twineham church
Twineham church
Sources: Victoria History of England (Sussex), Sussex Archeological Collection, Shirley STAPLEY of Plymouth.

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