Genealogy in Battle , Sussex , England

Battle was founded on the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The town was built up around Battle Abbey constructed between 1070-1094 by William of Normandy (" the Conqueror"). Battle Abbey, dedicated to the warrior monk St Martin de Bello, was the result of William the Conqueror's vow that he would erect a monastery if he secured victory, and as a penance ordered by the Pope for the loss of life occurring in the battle, and in earlier raids in the surrounding area designed to draw Harold into conflict. The local parish church of St Mary the Virgin was founded in 1115 by Abbot Ralph.

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The Benedictine Abbey became famous, and until the dissolution by Henry VIII in 1538, the hub of a wide sphere of influence.

My family history records many events in the historic town of Battle



Early events, in chronological order

SURNAME in Battle until



30 SMITHs born in Battle 1622-1716

  • 9XG-GF Edward baptised 3 March 1622, son of Edward senior of Hemsworth York.
  • 8XG-GF John born 1644 , married Elizabeth WILKENSON c. 1665
  • 7XG-GM Elizabeth born 1666 , married William STAPLEY in 1686 (see STAPLEY below)
  • Richard (1704) moved to Brede, and his great-grandson Richard (1789) moved to Sedlescombe







Some early STAPLEY events at Battle which are currently (2005) not linked to our line:

1493- William STAPLE left a will (in Latin). 1564- AgnesSTAPLEY (widow) left will, with beneficiaries Mercye, another & son John. 1608- will of Richard STAPLEY. . 1630- Richard STAPLEY married Jane STAPLEY. There is an MI for Ralph STAPLEY c. 1663-1721

7XG-GF William baptised Ticehurst 28 Sep. 1662, son of William (possibly Wm. 1637 of Bodiam), married Elizabeth SMITH at Battle 24 June1686

  • 6XG-GF George born 1696 (married Elizabeth LACEY at Peasmarsh)
  • 5XG-GF Thomas married Mary MITCHELL at Battle in 1746 (Sedlescombe from 1749)
  • 5XG-Uncle William (b. 1751) married Mary ??? c. 1773
  • 3XG-GF Charles born 1787 (married Rebeckah BONES at Hollington)
  • cousin James married Frances BENEY and baptised 13 children at Brightling
  • GG-GF Thomas married (1) Sabina HAYLER 1849, & (2) Charlotte BEAL in 1855




5XG-GM Mary born, married Thomas STAPLEY 1746/7




5XG-GM Edward married Sarah TICEHURST (both of this parish)

  • 4XG-GM Elizabeth baptised 1770




5XG-GM Sarah of Mountfield married Edward WRENN




5XG-GF Robert moved to Battle at Ivy Land farm Netherfield. While there (until 1785) he served as Headborough, Constable & juryman at Netherfield court manor & was overseer of the poor at Battle vestry meeting. (This info. courtesy of Sandra LANGRIDGE)

  • 5XG-Aunt daughter Mary married Arthur BARHAM in 1774
  • in 1792 4XG-GF James was admitted to Battle Unitarian church, and some children's births 1801-1806 "registered" by Protestant Dissenting Minister, However Lucy was re-baptised at Battlle CofE parish church in 1920.
  • 3XG-GM Lucy married Edward HAYLER in 1819




Although they were a Sedlescombe family from 1731,
3XG-GF Edward married Lucy LANGRIDGE at Battle 1819

  • GG-GM daughter Sabina born 1829, married Thomas STAPLEY 1849
  • Edward, Lucy & 8 children at Battle in 1841 census




Richard ELDRIDGE was baptised at Battle in 1666,
his son William moved to Sedlescombe about 1720

many years later... John ELDRIDGE born 1866 married my cousin Julia Maria STAPLEY in 1887 at Battle




cousin Ann was born, daughter of William DUKE & Harriet nee HAYLER


At the 1901 census, some cousin STAPLEYs were living in Battle. (Charles & wife & son Ernest; Trayton & wife, & dtr. Julia Maria married to John ELDRIDGE with 3 chn.) and there were 55 other ELDRIDGEs, 28 DUKEs, 6 TICEHURSTs, 1 HAYLER,

There were still some STAPLEYs living in Battle in 2005, that's after 341 years!

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