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BRIGHTLING is a parish, 6 miles north of Battle  Information about Brightling parish ..... Kellys Directory 1867 .......General information about Brightling

The Brightling STAPLEYs descend from my 7X great grandfather William 1662-1697 of Battle, 6XG GF George 1696-1740 of Udimore, and 5XG GF Thomas 1722-1797 of Sedlescombe.

Thomas 1722's son 5X Great Uncle William STAPLEY 1751-1809 of Sedlescombe married Mary about 1773 (Williams marriage to Mary has not been discovered). Their first child was Mary baptised @ Sedlescombe in 1774.

About 1793, James STAPLEY my second cousin 4X removed was born to Mary STAPLEY, though evidence is deficient.

The STAPLEY Brightling branch started when James having married Frances BENEY at Battle in June 1823, commenced to baptise their 13 children at Brightling 1823-1840. James died and was buried at Brightling in 1841, leaving his widow with 12 children aged 1-18. Frances lived until 1852 and was buried at Brightling.

When Frances died in 1852 three children had married-

Robert John married Alice PIPER-WHEATLY at Brightling in 1847. In 1851 he had a son James & daughters Jane, Philadelphia Philadelphia, & Hannah born at Brightling.  Robert John was in Brightling 1871-1901 census and died there 1906. * Living descendants Sandra Shotter, Keith Sellens, Marion Head?

Jeremiah married Mary Ann SAUNDERS at Mayfield 1846, ag. lab. 5 children. Lived in Mayfield Blind by 1891, he died in 1893. * Living Descendants include Honor Roberts & Carole Robertson

Margaret married Henry PARKES at Mayfield 1848. Eleven children, In Mayfield 1871-1901 census.(death date not known)

That left 9 children aged 12-25 still to make there way in the world, and they were relatively successful-

James went the USA, in 1880 he was a farmer married to Mary, at Homer, Bates, Missouri USA

Edward Francis (Frank) married (1) Margaret BRYAN (no children), (2) Anne Jane GROSSMITH, was a greengrocer/ fruiterer in Holborn, London, died in London in 1906. Five children

Trayton Trayton married Sophia YORK at Hastings in 1852, he was a shoemaker at Battle until his death in 1904... Of eleven children, only seven survived infancy. Trayton buried at Battle 1904.

* son Henry Tilden Henry Tilden1858 "Uncle Til" married Ruth ELDRIDGE in 1879 at Hastings, 5 sons & 2 daughters;
* son Arthur Felix Arthur Felix1865 married Dorcas MITCHELL in 1887 at Brighton, 2 sons & 2 daughters;
* son Fred Charles 1873 married Ellen DITCH in 1894 at Rye, Updated emigrated to America with 7 children in 1913 on the "Ausonia"
* daughter Flora Beatrice Flora Beatrice1868 married Charles JEMPSON in1889, 3 sons & 3 daughters;

* Living descendants of Trayton include: Andy Clifton, Paul Lupton, Fiona Milne, Pearl O'Brien,  Philip Northwood's wife Rowena, Maree-Claude Soan's husband Frederick, Marilyn Styles, Bridget Ewing.

Tilden Henry  married Frances POLLINGTON at Mayfield, in 1858, a farm bailiff, Seven children., Henry died at Brighton 1902.

2 sons: Rowland 1859-1912 & Harry 1862-1940. and 5 daughters. * Living descendant Mike STAPLEY at Crawley

Horace married Mercy CHAPMAN of Hawkhurst in 1957, five children; he was an Inn Keeper at Bexhill, then farm bailiff at Lindfield, died 1905 at Lindfield.

Mary Eliza born 1837 at Brightling, married John ROLFE at St.George the Martyr Middlesex in 1862.  Seven children, Mary Eliza died in Scotland in 1904.

Jane born 1838 never married, housekeeper to John Barrow at Burwash 1861 thru' 1891.

Stephen born 1839, in 1861 was an ag.lab. at Kingshill Farm at Elmley in Kent. He married Harriet BURT at St.George the Martyr Middlesex in 1864, no known children, Stephen died in London in 1869.

Lucas born 1840, moved to Kent, married Ann WOOD of Wormshill by 1868, was a brick labourer and sea-wall labourer, Ten children including Ann Annie1872, Francis Francis Lucas 1885. Lucas died at Murston Kent in 1916.  * Living descendant Tony Butcher

At the 1901 census, Robert John, gardener, widower age 77 was the only STAPLEY remaining in Brightling

Those marked with * have living relatives researching their genealogy.

Other relatives at Brightling

6X Great Aunt Elizabeth LANGRIDGE was baptised by 6X Great grandfather Robert, at Brightling in 1721

Cousin 3X removed Henry Philip STAPLEY was born at Brightling, to Jane STAPLEY daughter of my 3X great grandfather Charles STAPLEY 1787-1875 of Sedlescombe,

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