Genealogy in Sedlescombe Sussex England

Sedlescombe is a very pretty village, just off the A21 between Hastings and Hawkhurst . It contains many picturesque 15th,16th and 17th century half-timbered houses, surrounding the village green.

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Ancient events of unknown relevence:  In 1566 a John STAPELEY was buried, in 1576 a Joan STAPLEY married Henry HODGE.

My family history records many events in the historic parish of Sedlescombe & surrounds.

Sedlescombe etc. surnames

At the 1901 census, a 3XG Uncle & 2 cousin STAPLEYs (married), 1 cousin HAYLER (married), and William HAYLER [55] were living at Sedlescombe.

In December 2002 there were 16 STAPLEYs listed in the Hastings telephone directory. Sixth cousin Peter STAPLEY lives in Sedlescombe now, 250 years after his 5XG grandfather arrived there.

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