An attempt to record the history of the STAPLEYs as I understand it. Much of the early data is "third hand" from sources such as the LDS Ancestral File (AF), International Genealogical Index (IGI), James C. STAPLES, and various Internet sites.. Corrections and suggestions are welcomed by email to me.

Earliest records:

including STAPLE, STAPELE, STAPELEGH, STAPLEIGH, STAPLY, STAPELEY, STAPLES, STOLPULL, and their possible applicability to the Sussex STAPLEYs

The word STAPLE apparently means a (wooden) post, and therefore STAPLEHURST means a wood where posts are gathered;. OR, a settled mart or market, manufactured wool or other raw material.

1066- It has been suggested that the STAPLEYs arrived with William of Normandy. (There is a village of Staple in northern France)

1199-1216 (reign of King John) Adam Stapley at Stapley in Cheshire (James C Staples)

1217- "The King (Henry III) to Engeham de Cygony, greeting. We command you that you allow John STAPLEY (John de STAPLE ?) to hold his land at Stapley, by the same service as Adam his father did to King John our father , and that you demand no other from him nor allow to be demanded" (transcript from Close Rolls dated at Lambeth 2 December 1217, via BE) (Engelard de Cygony mentioned in Magna Carta, The Great Charter of King John granted June 15th, AD 1215)

1200s..The Staple Clan in Southern Somersetshire (in part). There is a STAPLEY village in Somerset, about 8 miles South of Taunton

"The records that remain today suggest that one or more of Alan de Staple, ca1200, of Staple parish descendants moved south six miles to Chardstock parish. Another may have moved northeast to the parish of North Curry at an early date. From these seats, the sons and daughters in future generations gradually spread out to many of the parishes in Somerset, Dorset and Devonshire"

1215- John de Staple of Staple near Odiham, Hampshire (James C Staples). 

1230 (c.) Peter de STAPELE, Lord of Stapele in Nantwich Hundred in Cheshire, by grant from Richard. There followed Robert--, William- Reginald-, Richard-, Peter-, & Philip de STAPLEGH (copy believed to be from Ormerod's "Cheshire" Vol. III page 497, in turn transcribed from Booth's pedigrees, via BE) This would be the present STAPLEY (with Water Gardens) just South of Nantwich.

1256-71- John de Staple of Winchester, Hampshire, King's servant, Sgt. At arms to King Edward I (James C Staples)

1316/17- William de Stapeles & Adam de Staples (Subsidy Roll - James C Staples)

--------------------- I am unaware of any documented connection between the Cheshire STAPLEs, and the Sussex STAPLEYs.-----------------------

1296-1332 STAPLEYs are to be found in parts of Sussex in the Middle Ages, (Lay Subsidy rolls for 1296, 1327 and 1332 by Sussex Record Society)

1360- WILLIAM STAPELEIGH was born Abt. 1360 (Residence: Bet. 1401 - 1402, Rotherfield SSX (named in Feet of Fines in connection with 16 ac land & 1 ac wood at R'fld with reversion clause to his heirs Jn & Wm) also owned land 1413 at Framfield. Probable head of Twineham/Framfield & Rotherfield clans.

1390- John STAPLEIGH at Rotherfield in 1401.and William at Buxted (victim of theft) 1428

1400s- The STAPLEYs of Hixted (Hickstead) & Framfield appear frequently in the Battle Abbey deeds of the 15th century. A hundred near Battle is called the hundred of Staple

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1420- WILLIAM STOLPULL (est only. Land record: 1458, rented les Mores to farm for 20y at 8s1, named in 1478 land transaction involving Falkelegh)

Possible children: ..... c.1445-1505 Richard STAPLEIGH postulated as head of Twineham clan T
& .... c.1450 John STAPLE (named in 1478 land transaction involving Falkelegh, Rotherfield SSX, 1508 present when bondland at French firling was surr to Jasp Hosman & heirs) postulated as head of Rotherfield clan B
Click here for details of the early STAPLEY "clans" at Twineham, Framfield, & Rotherfield in Sussex.

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