The STAPLEYs of Sussex

There were many STAPLEYs in Sussex, apparently since William of Normandy 1066 invaded.

There are several genealogists researching these STAPLEYs, and a great deal of data has been collected and analysed. No-one has succeeded in connecting all the STAPLEYs into one "tree", but Dr. Brian Saunders formerly of Perth Australia, organised most of them into "clans" each with a known head. My web pages attempt to show something of the earliest known STAPLEYs, a little of some major clans, and more about "clan F" who are my ancestors.

Early Sussex STAPLEY history, from 1066 to 1400

The STAPLEY "clans" of Hickstead & Twineham, Framfield, (clan T) and Rotherfield (clan B) from c. 1400

    Rotherfield connections

The Framfield & Hickstead STAPLEYs ("clan T")

Six STAPLEY generations from Richard 1445 to Anthonie 1620


The strange tale of "Sir" Harry STAPLEY  
        and his brothers: Frank Mayor of Melbourne, & Walter  Doctor & Vet. in New Zealand


The Battle-Sedlescombe STAPLEYs ("clan F", descending from William baptised at Ticehurst 28 Sep 1662.

The possible origins of my 7XG grandfather William 

My STAPLEY & HAYLER ancestors 1662 to1875

The "Welsh" STAPLEYs    The Brightling STAPLEYs

Photo gallery of clan F STAPLEYs

 The New Zealand STAPLEYs: 4 different STAPLEY clans sent a "representative" to Aotearoa, "The Land of The Long White Cloud"

The Australian STAPLEYs are mostly of Rotherfield (clan B) derivation

    Joseph Stapley 1813 of Rotherfield migrated to NSW on the "Amelia Thompson" in 1838

    Henry Stapley 1822 of Wadhurst migrated to Bathurst NSW about 1839  (3rd cousin to Joseph)

    Martin Stapley 1818 of Tunbridge Wells migrated to South Australia on the "SS Candahar" in 1849  (4th cousin to Joseph)

    Frank Stapley 1858 of Hove migrated 1884 on the "Sorata" and became the Mayor of Melbourne

Clan K:    Thomas Frederick Stapley of Speldhurst migrated to Sydney NSW on the "Agnes Banfield" in 1869

You are welcome to ask about other Sussex STAPLEYs, and I may be able to help.

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