William Henry WATERS 1810 Wexford - 1861 India

William's parents were  Joseph WATTERS / WATERS & Elizbeth nee HUTCHINSON

Children of Joseph & Elizabeth:

children surviving infancy
children's marriage
their descend's
abt 1806

1889 Australia William HEWETT 1853 Collingwood Vic. Australia
Joseph BRADFORD 1875 Preston Vic. Australia
none known

29 Aug.1809 Wexford
St. Iberius

William Henry
4 Jan 1810
Wexford St.Iberius
Bengal India
Isabella JOHNSON 1839 Calcutta Ben. India 1843 Anne Olivia
1845 Isabella Bungarribee
1849 W. B.
1851 Rachel Elizabeth
1853 Leah Julia
1854 Joseph Henry
1858 Alice Mima
1861 Catherine Hope
see photos of all children
1861 to Frederick BRINE
1866 to Walter Marsh OSMOND
?  may have died 1888 at Rangoon
1870 to Alfred William CLARK,
1872 to John B. WARWICK
1880 to Evangeline FRENCH
1886 to Matthew PETTIT
1 son
2 sons


Mary Ann

William SMYTH 1837 St.Iberius Wexford, Ireland

Dec 1816

1886 Ireland Ann Agnesia MEYER 1859 St.Iberius, Wexford, Ireland
Hannah Elizabeth 1861-1874

abt 1822

1907 Australia Mary ROSSITER 1862 Melbourne Vic. Australia
none known

William Waters

Many Irishmen, left their homeland in the 19th century, often via Liverpool. 

William Henry enlisted at Liverpool on 9 Mar 1831, just 21 years old. He was described as a labourer,  5' 8" tall, of fresh complexion, round visage, blue eyes & fair hair, and embarked on the "Thomas Grenville" on 3 June, arriving in Calcutta on the 16 October.

William began his military career as a gunner in 1 Troop, 3 Bgde. stationed at Dum Dum, the HQ of the Bengal Artillery. By 1839 he was a corporal, and on the 19 February married Isabella JOHNSON (the daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth) at St. Stephens in Dum Dum. Isabella was just 15, but this was not unusual in India.

By 1843 William was a sergeant, and travelled to Australia to the HEIC horse stud establishment at Bungarribee NSW.
(Interesting that William could have met his sister Catherine & brother Joseph in Australia), but unlikey. 
In  1846 he returned on the "Emily Jane" with his wife and 2 children incl. Isabella Bungarribee and became Sergeant Overseer of the Government stud at Haupper near Meerut, maintaining horses for the Artillery.  In 1852 he completed 21 years service & was"pensioned to the GOCC" attached to the Stud .  4 or 5 of his children were born at Haupper.
William Waters
GGM Isabella

In 1856 a new settlement "Hopetown" (now Kurseong, near Darjeeling) was established in Sikkim.  William became a Tea Planter on 1500 acres on a spur of the Sanchall Range. Daughters Alice Mima & Catherine Hope were born. 

William wrote his last will & testament* in 1859 (with Isabella Ann as sole Executrix - with provision made for education of children) and in December 1861 he died on the way from HopeTown to Calcutta.  Isabella had a pension of Rup. 5-9-5 per month.

The children were aged 6 months to 15 years.  William's widow Isabella Ann survived another 27 years to 1888, by which time daughters Isabella, Rachel, Leah, & Alice had married, Harry was Headmaster at Rawalpindi Station School. Isabella Ann may have seen her grandson (Rosemary's father) Hal as a 3-year-old before she died.

Isabella's grave is in the Calcutta Lower Circular Road Cemetery --->

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